UK Based Roofing Associations

If you have decided it’s time to get a new roof, you may be overwhelmed with the choices you have available.

Whether you want a single ply roofing membrane system or a comprehensive, eco-friendly green roof, it’s helpful to know that you can trust the information you are being given.

If you find a good roofing firm, the information you will be provided with will be unbiased and honest, allowing you to make up your mind based on the facts, not a hard sell. It’s not really in anyone’s interests to provide you with misleading and inaccurate information as there will be consequences; good roofing firms recognise this and will help guide you through what can be a technical decision.

However, if you want some input from an independent body, you may be interested to learn that there are UK-based roofing associations where you can get objective facts and information.

Below are the details you need to know.

Advisory Committee for Roofsafety (ACR)


The ACR is widely accepted as the UK’s leading authority on roof safety and roofwork. Originally created in 1998, it’s made up from organisations and trade associations who have been working in the industry for many years.

The ACR provides help and information for both those working in the industry and customers looking for guidance and assistance. Their website provides a wealth of articles and information free of charge to everyone.

For those working in the roofing industry, there are a series of books which cover every aspect of the job from competency testing to technical advice on how to inspect or work on a roof.

Customers are free to view any of the information which is made available to workers, but possible more of use is a series of sheets which detail various aspects of the roofing process. From deciding how to choose a contractor to how to determine whether your roof is classed as fragile, there’s easy  to understand information which could demystify the whole process.

If you have any questions which can’t be answered by the website, the ACR offers their contact details.

National Federation of Roofing Contractors – NFRC


A trade association for all those in the industry, the NFRC has more than 1000 trade contractors and 165 Associate Members operating in one of their seven regions in the UK.

A long standing organisation, originally set up more than a century ago in 1892, it aims to provide reassurance and confidence to consumers who plan on using one of their members to carry out roofing services.

All trade members within the NFRC have both warranties and comprehensive insurance and are obliged to follow a strict code of practice throughout all of their operations.

Their website offers a knowledge hub which is accessible to both the public and its members. It also offers practical advice on how to choose a contractor and the warning signs to watch out for. There’s a simple search facility to find professionals of different specialities as well as the ability to search for materials alone.

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and Factory Mutual Global

Neither of these companies are strictly UK based but they are international enterprises which are recognised and sought after all over the world.

Seeing the logo of either or both of these companies on a roofing firm should provide you with peace of mind that knowing the materials used are of the very best quality and have undergone rigorous scientific testing.

UL specialises in testing, inspecting and certifying products, only issuing validation where a product meets the very high standards demanded. FM Global is an international commercial insurer which also provides certification. Because of their very technical and scientific approach to testing products, they are considered to be amongst the best in the world and products they have endorsed equally so.

In order to maintain UL and FM Global certification companies must submit to twice yearly audits and continue to meet the demanding standards set. For this reason, any roofing contractor certified by UL and FM Global can be said to have demonstrated an exceedingly high commitment to quality.


There are many roofing websites in the UK but those listed above provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that the materials are of the highest possible standard, plus offer advice, practical help and information on any roofing matter you need assistance with.


Image credits: Neticola and Ell Brown

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