Buy Cheap, Buy Twice – Quality Materials are Essential for Roofing Projects

The roof is one of the most important components of our home yet it’s something that’s very often taken for granted.

Perched high up in the air, the old adage ‘out of sight, out of mind’ has never been more fitting.

However, when a roof goes wrong it’s almost impossible to ignore because the impact on the whole house can be catastrophic. That’s why it’s a very good idea to carry out maintenance on a regular basis to make sure it stays in tip top condition.

But there may be times when you either need a small repair, or you are due to replace your whole roof. It can be very tempting to snap up a bargain, looking only at the cost rather than the quality. In the long term this will inevitably be a false economy as you will have to replace the materials far more quickly.

We take a look at just why quality materials are so essential for roofing projects.


Living in a property results in a lot of hot air; heating, bathing; cooking and even breathing creates moist warm air that wants to rise upwards.

This moisture’s natural inclination is either to ascend or else find a cold surface to cling to. This is one of the reasons why insulation and ventilation in a roof is just so vital.

With warm air and moisture rising into the roof, using cheap materials which don’t have proper ventilation can be a disaster. With no place to escape, the moisture can cause a roof space to quickly become damp, resulting in mould and rot.

It’s a very simple problem that can easily be avoided providing the materials have the proper roof, tile or slate vents to accommodate the property needs.

Underlying reason

Whilst it’s possible to look for a competitive price, if you find materials at a vastly deflated cost, there has to be a reason.

Most reputable roofing material providers operate in and around the same price range, this is because they use similar sources and materials and the costs are broadly comparable.

If you are offered roofing materials for a much lower price, it’s worth asking yourself how they are managing to provide it so cheaply. Somewhere there has to be a compromise whether it’s a substandard quality, or whether they are suggesting skimping on some of the finishing touches such as the flashing.

Both methods may well save some cash initially, but neither will provide a lasting or effective roof and before too long the chances are you will be paying out for repairs…and ultimately another whole new roof.

Aesthetics matter

When you are purchasing the materials for the roof, there’s a certain amount of wastage which simply can’t be helped.

Just like laying a carpet or tiles in your bathroom, to get the best visual result, there’s only so much you can recut or re-use.

You can reduce the amount you spend by being prepared to use offcuts, or tolerate wonky or crooked lines. The end result will be unappealing, and look like an amateur job, even if it is perfectly functional.

You might be willing to tolerate a house which is aesthetically shocking but if you come to sell it, the chances are you will either struggle to attract a buyer, or you will lose a big chunk of the asking price. To avoid either scenario, you will have to replace the whole roof, simply because you tried to cut corners and save a few pounds in the first instance…

Don’t be a drip

Your roof protects your home; without it you could end up with damp, mould or other kinds of damage in your property.

Poor quality roofing may not fit properly, may shrink in warm weather or be unsuitable for the climate you live in. All of these problems will result in a roof with patches which leak which in turn, will end up being a very expensive problem…and cost more to fix than a good quality roof would have done in the first instance.


There are some things where you can take a chance on quality without jeopardising something important but a roof isn’t one of these things. A roof is a big investment even if you buy cheap and substandard roofing; don’t be tempted to throw away your money on materials which will need to be replaced as soon as bad weather arrives.


Image Credits: ell Brown and anneh632

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