Useful Articles about Flat Roofing Issues

Below are a selection of articles we hope you find useful. They are written to offer general advice but if you'd like to get more specific advice please send us an email at


Safety Guidance When Installing Industrial Roofing Products

Working on roofs is widely considered to be a high-risk activity because of the heights involved; this means not just construction workers but those who …

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Jargon and Terminology Used in the Roofing Industry

If you thought valleys were something found in the heart of Wales and flashing is an offence which could land you in jail, the chances …

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Don’t forget drainage, blocked guttering harms roofing

All houses need TLC from time to time and the exposed materials that make up our roof are no different. We rely on our roofs …

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Why You Need the Experts for Flat Roof Repairs

Flat roofs are becoming more and more popular in the UK. They are commonly found on small buildings, home extensions and garages. Although flat roofs …

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How to choose the best plants for your green roof

People decide to install green roofs on their home extensions, garages and other garden buildings for a number of different reasons. Some are looking to …

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A guide to choosing between intensive and extensive green roof solutions

There are many benefits to installing a green or ‘living’ roof. Whilst helping to filter air pollutants and create habitats for local wildlife, green roofs …

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